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Alternative Farming Systems Information
Information site of the United States Department of Agriculture. AFSIC specializes in locating and accessing information related to alternative cropping systems including sustainable, organic, low-input, biodynamic, and regenerative agriculture. AFSIC also focuses on alternative crops, new uses for traditional crops, and crops grown for industrial production.

Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas
This organization provides technical assistance to farmers, extension agents, market gardeners, agricultural researchers, and other agricultural professionals throughout the U.S. Topics addressed by ATTRA can be categorized into three broad areas: sustainable farming production practices, alternative crop and livestock enterprises and innovative marketing.

Community Alliance with Family Farmers
CAFF is a nonprofit member-activist organization. CAFF political and educational campaigns are building a movement of rural and urban people who foster family-scale agriculture that cares for the land, sustains local economies, and promotes social justice.

Fresh Herb Production and Marketing 
Article about growing herbs for market from the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Department of Horticultural Science.

Herb Society of America

Herb World
Information on growing herbs, marketing herbs and herbal products.

Herbworld- The Herb Growing and Marketing Network
The Herb Growing & Marketing Network, established in 1990, is the largest trade association specifically for the herb industry with around 2000 members. As an information service for their members, they offer material on anything related to being in an herb business (except for those pesky statistics....there are no good ones, so don't ask).

International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movement
Worldwide federation of organic agriculture which provides a platform for global exchange and cooperation while being committed to a holistic approach in the development of organic farming systems.

Organic Growers Research and Information Sharing Network
An organization that generates practical information for organic farmers and gardeners through farmer participatory research, review articles and fact sheets on critical issues to organic farming and by providing forums for information exchange between growers.