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HerbMedPro™ is the professional version of HerbMed®. Access is by licensing only.


Adopt-An-Herb is a program of the American Botanical Council (ABC). Each adopting organization helps ensure that the most current information on their herb is available in HerbMedPro. This enables consumers, researchers, educators, media, health practitioners, government agencies, and members of industry (including retailers and others) to have easy access to abstracts of the latest scientific and clinical publications on the many aspects, properties, and benefits of the adopted herb. Visit the ABC Adopt-An-Herb web page for further information

To find out more, contact Denise Meikel, Development Director at
512-926-4900 extension 120 or by email.

The HerbMed® guarantee and condition for sponsorship

We solicit funding from multiple sources so that there can be no possibility of influence from any one donor, either real or implied. Funding is restricted to organizations that acknowledge and comply with our aims of strict impartiality and respect for unbiased citation of research information. Company sponsorship must be unconditional.

The Alternative Medicine Foundation, the original developers of the HerbMed project, provides a list of past sponsors on their website.