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Ficus carica
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Evidence for Efficacy (Human Data)
Clinical Trials
A four-week intervention of consumption of tea prepared from Ficus carica leaves significantly lowered eczema area and severity index values compared to the placebo-treated patients with atopic dermatitis in a randomized controlled trial and posed no health hazard in patients with atopic dermatitis. Abe 2022
Ficus carica paste was less effective than kiwi fruits in alleviating functional constipation symptoms analyzed by the Bristol stool scale from three separate studies. Huo 2022
Treatment with an Iranian herbal formulation containing Ficus carica for five days significantly improved myalgia, weakness, headache, and cough symptoms and decreased in C-reactive protein of COVID-19 patients in a double-blind, randomized-controlled trial (N=160). Hajibeygi 2022
Addition of two fig fruit extracts at different dosages to glucose solutions reduced glycemic and insulinemic index values in a randomized, double-blind crossover study of 10 healthy adults. The mechanism may be related to abscisic acid content. Atkinson 2019
Consumption of fig or flixweed caused a significant improvement in IBS symptoms and quality of life compared to control in a single-blnd randomized clinical trial of 150 patients with IBS with predominant constipation. Pourmasoumi 2018
An RCT of children aged 4 months to 14 years with atopic dermatitis (n=45) found a cream containing the aqueous extract of dried Ficus carica fruit was more effective than hydrocortisone in reducing symptoms. This trial suggests fig fruit extract can be used instead of low potency corticosteroid. Abbasi 2017
In a RCT of adult rheumatoid arthritis patients (n=56), supplementation with olive and fig as add-on therapy for the prevention of cardiovascular issues to the routine drug regimen containing low dose methotrexate did not significantly improve lipid profile indicators. Bahadori 2016
A double blind RCT (n=80) of Korean subjects with functional constipation found Ficus carica paste supplementation was associated with a significant reduction in colon transit time and a significant improvement in stool type and abdominal discomfort compared with the placebo. Baek 2016
The combination of Ginkgo bilopa, Punica granatum, Ficus carica, and Morus alba fruits extract showed a higher antioxidant activity and a dose-dependent inhibition of collagenase in vitro, and significant anti-wrinkle activity on human skin in an RCT of 21 female subjects. Ghimeray 2015
Results of testing of a stable topical cream (w/o emulsion) containing Ficus carica fruit extract on human volunteers suggest it could influence skin melanin, trans-epidermal loss, hydration values and sebum content and possibly could be used for hyper pigmentation, acne, freckles and wrinkles. Khan 2014
A prospective, open right/left comparative trial of 25 patients in a Iranian clinic found fig tree latex therapy was marginally less effective than cryotherapy in treating common warts. There were no reports of side effects. Bohlooli 2007
A study of 6 men and 4 women, age 22-38 y.o., with type 1 diabetes found Ficus carica leaf decoction lowered post-prandial glycemia when consumed with a standard breakfast, and lowered average insulin dose by 12%. Serraclara 1998
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