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Aspalathus linearis
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Evidence of Activity
Literature Reviews
The immunomodulatory effects of Aspalathus linearis and the potential comorbidity risk modulation for COVID-19 patients is reviewed. Abdul 2021
The pharmacology, mechanisms of action, bioactive components, and processing methods of Aspalathus linearis in relation to health and ovarian functions are reviewed. Sirotkin 2021
The role of Aspalathus linearis in traditional Chinese medicine is reviewed. [Article in Chinese] Wang 2021
A review summarizing evidence highlighting mitochondrial dysfunction as a secondary toxic effect responsible for the fumonisin B1-induced generation of ROS. Rooibos may be a socio-economically viable strategy to prevent and/or repair cellular damage caused by FB1. Sheik Abdul 2020
Rooibos herbal tea reduces allergic basophil activation in adult atopic patients. [No abstract] Pedretti 2019
An in depth analysis of the current understanding of the antidiabetic potential of 2 South African herbal tisanes, rooibos and honeybush and their polyphenols. Ajuwon 2018
A review integrating relevant literature on the therapeutic potential of Rooibos in the context of CVD, with emphasis on the comparative value of whole plant versus isolated active ingredients are addressed as well as potential for overdose or herb-drug interaction. Smith 2018
A literature review highlighting the potential of rooibos extract and its major C-glucosyl flavonoids to prevent metabolic syndrome, with discussion of mechanisms, phenolic compositions, effects of processing, and bioefficacy. Muller 2018
A literature review investigating the potential role of the antioxidant aspalathin for treating metabolic syndrome. Issues of limited supply, stability, bioavailability, and potential drug-herb interactions are explored. Johnson 2018
The potential cardioprotective properties of flavonoids and a phenylpropenoic acid found in rooibos against diabetes-induced oxidative injury was reviewed. Dludla 2017
In a review of plants used in traditional medical systems for asthma and cough in novel combinations to promote either synergy or neutralization of side effects, rooibos was observed to be selective for relaxant effect in airways (through K+ channel activation), compared with other smooth muscles. Khan 2015
Herbs, including Aspalathus linearis, can help in the prevention and treatment of depression. Muszynska 2015
A literature review highlighting the role of oxidative stress and the contribution of free radicals in the development of Alzheimer's disease, and the use of antioxidants as a therapeutic strategy. Compounds discussed include nothofagin from rooibos. Darvesh 2010
A review of cowpea, rooibos, honeybush and gum arabic. The development of these nodulated legumes is important for both the economy and to maintain the agricultural diversity for Africa and the wold. Sprent 2010
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July 2005
January 2018
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November 2021