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Scientific Name:
Aspalathus linearis
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Evidence for Efficacy (Human Data)
Clinical Trials
Treatment with MR-10 (a novel complex of Korean dandelion and rooibos) at 400 mg/day for a month significantly increased levels of free and total testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone in clinical studies. Noh 2018
Results from a pilot study (n=8) in which green tea and rooibos were administered to a group of CaOx kidney stone formers suggested that these herbs do not reduce the risk factors for stone formation in humans. Rodgers 2016
In a complete crossover study, 12 healthy men were given a placebo; rooibos tea with an isolated active fraction or a fermented drink. Total flavonoid intake was similar, and urine and blood samples showed no significant ORAC difference. Breiter 2011
This study looks at the effect of rooibos on 40 volunteers at risk for cardiovascular disease on their oxidative stress and biochemical values. Consumption of six cups of fermented/traditional rooibos daily for 6 week showed significant improvement in their redox status and lipid profiles. Marnewick 2011
A randomized, three phase, crossover study of 17 healthy volunteers receiving a single dose of 400 ml green tea, black tea, or rooibos. Study found that rooibos significantly inhibited ACE activity after 30 min and after 60 min. No significant effect on NO concentration was seen. Persson 2010
This study compared the effect of rooibos, bottled water and a carbohydrate beverage on blood and urinary indicators of hydration in college wrestlers after acute dehydration. Rooibos tea and plain water were equally effective, where rooibos offered no additional benefits in rehydration than water. Utter 2010
Excess levels of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) has been implicated in pathogenesis and progression of carcinogenesis. Methanol extracts of herbs including Aspalathus linearis inhibited (TPA)-induced COX-2 expression in human breast epithelial (MCF10A) cells and in mouse skin in vivo. Na 2004
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July 2005
January 2018
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