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ABOUT HerbMedPro™

HerbMedProTM is the professional version of HerbMed®. Access is by subscription or licensing only, administered by the American Botanical Council.

HerbMedPro® Staff:

Founder and Director   Jackie Wootton, MEd (1998-2010)
Director   Gayle Engels, BS (2011 to present)
Administrator   Cathirose Petrone, ND, MA, BA (2017 to present)
Current Contributors   Robyn Urbach, MS (2003-2006; 2010 to present)
    Pavel Axentiev, MS (2013 to present)
    Oren Rabinowitz, MSc (2017 to present)

Many consultants have also contributed. We appreciate all their contributions.

Why is HerbMed® different?

Most herbal resources on the internet provide summaries of the data that have been interpreted and presented from a particular point of view. HerbMed provides "as is", neutral access to the data underlying the medicinal use of herbs. HerbMed also provides uniquely comprehensive access to the available scientific publications and data on each herb, with dynamic updating to ensure completeness. See the Help file for further clarification.

Hyperlinked access to categorized data enables creative cross-referencing and unexpected links that can provide fresh research insights. This contrasts with a bibliographic collection of flat files that can only produce uncategorized lists.


Who can use HerbMed®?

  • Health care professionals needing convenient access to the supporting data underlying the use of herbs for health.
  • Pharmacists, herbal companies, and research scientists needing convenient access to information on herb activity, interactions, and mechanisms of action.
  • Health care consumers needing responsible and reliable information about the herbal products they purchase for medicinal or preventive use.
  • Herbal companies, medical writers, and advocacy organizations that need to refer professionals and consumers to credible and independent information on herbs.

Appraisal of HerbMed®?

HerbMed has gained unsolicited acclaim from such reputable sources as the Wall Street Journal, Science magazine and Western Journal of Medicine, from the media, including USA Today and ABC health programming as well as from countless grateful individuals.

HerbMed® has been linked to from numerous medical, scientific and health web sites, including the Entrez taxonomy database, a project of the National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Library of Medicine, MEDLINEPlus, and TEK*PAD, a project of the American Association for the Advancement of Medicine and the US Patent & Trademarks Office.

HerbMed® Disclaimer

The informational materials in HerbMed® are provided for educational and research purposes only. They should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease.