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Issue 94
Summer 2012
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
Medicinal Chinese Teas: A Review of Their Health Benefits with a Focus on Fermented Tea
Sausage Tree Kigelia Pinnata: An Ethnobotanical and Scientific Review
Dear Reader
Adulteration of “Grapefruit Seed Extract,” etc.
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ABC News
American Botanical Council Welcomes 15 New Advisory Board Members
ABC Presents 2012 Botanical Excellence Awards
The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs Now Available Online: Electronic Publication Enriches Comprehensive Herbal Reference Book
Organization News
American Herbal Pharmacopoeia Releases New Monographs on American Ginseng Root and Slippery Elm Inner Bark
Multi-Center Consortiums Seek to Create Better Plant Medicines
NIH Researchers Determine Resveratrol’s Probable Health-Promoting Mechanism
Grants & Awards
New Hope Natural Media Inducts Honorees into ‘Hall of Legends’
World News
Researchers Conduct Survey of Wild Chinese Herbs on Rural Tibetan Plateau
Cannabis Update
The Growing Industry of Medicinal Cannabis Analysis
Research Reviews
Chocolate Lowers Risk of Coronary Heart Disease: Review and Comments on the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Family Heart Study
Curcumin Studied for Prevention of Colorectal Neoplasia
Efficacy and Tolerability of Ginkgo Extract in Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease and Vascular Dementia
Ginkgo Extract Improves Complex Memory Function in Healthy, Middle-Aged Subjects
Comprehensive Review of Phase 2® White Bean Intake for Weight Loss and Glycemic Control by Preventing Carbohydrate Absorption
Guest Editorial
EMI vs. EMA: “Economically Motivated Integrity” vs. Economically Motivated Adulteration in the Natural Products Supply Chain
Market Report
Procter & Gamble Buys New Chapter, Inc.
Book Reviews
Botany for Gardeners, 3rd Edition
The Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm: A Cultivator’s Guide to Small-Scale Organic Herb Production
Xie’s Chinese Veterinary Herbology
Mycophilia: Revelations from the Weird World of Mushrooms
Teas, Cocoa and Coffee: Plant Secondary Metabolites and Health
The Tea Horse Road: China’s Ancient Trade Road to Tibet
In Memoriam
Finn Sandberg 1920–2011
Quality Control
The Adulteration of Commercial “Grapefruit Seed Extract” with Synthetic Antimicrobial and Disinfectant Compounds