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ABC Membership Update

The initial notice of ABC’s Charter Membership Campaign in HerbalGram 50 has generated a positive response from ABC supporters and HerbalGram subscribers.

Since this notice, ABC has contacted all HerbalGram subscribers with the news that future subscriptions will be offered only as a membership benefit. Many subscribers have already converted to Charter Members and have expressed their interest in this new opportunity to become a more integral part of ABC. ABC staff developed a membership solicitation brochure that was sent to purchasers of ABC’s educational material, and to other prospective members.

In addition, ABC contacted members of the herb, dietary supplement, and pharmaceutical industries to inform them of ABC membership benefits. These benefits include access to HerbClip™ online at the Corporate level and full HerbClip™ Educational Mailing Service at the Sponsor level. A benefit has also been added that allows Sponsors to receive a link from ABC’s website to their own. This is particularly useful due to the popularity and reputation of ABC’s website. The Members Only section of the website will soon be available for members to access first-time HerbClip™ critical reviews and significant portions of past HerbalGram issues.

The switch to membership has presented a challenge for ABC staff, involving the installation of a member tracking system. “The success of the Charter Membership Campaign has been well worth the hard work. It is now becoming clear that the membership program is serving to achieve ABC’s mission and vision,” said Wayne Silverman, PhD., ABC’s chief admin. officer. 

Prospective members can join by filling out the application form on page 5 of this issue, or through secure online ordering at .

Kim West, ABC