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Online Ordering Now Available on ABC Website


One of the best ways to keep up with the American Botanical Council is to visit the website at  The site has a new face with secure online ordering, new design features, more information, and links to other sites.

The website includes the full ABC Herbal Education Catalog, a comprehensive bookstore of herb-related resources.  In the catalog can be found a highly selective offering of books and other media focusing on herb safety, botany, cultivation, pharmacognosy, regional and culture-based herbs, and herbs intended for particular uses.  With secure online credit card verification, orders may be shipped worldwide safely, without concern that credit card information will be intercepted.

The new design is cleaner and downloads faster, according to web designer Trey Bennett, making it easy for visitors to connect with the information they need.  Samples of articles from HerbalGram, HerbClip Education Service, The Complete Commission E Monographs, Herbal Medicine: the Expanded Commission E Monographs, and ABC’s Botanical Booklet Series are some of the treasures among the wealth of knowledge available for quick web research.

Under the Related Sites and Events section, visitors will find an easy-to-use index of more than 750 links to other sites on such topics as Consumer Information, Men’s Health, Professional Organizations, Statistics, and more.  ABC’s website has been formally recognized as a well-designed and highly informative resource on the Internet.

“We’ve added information to make this site a natural first stop for anyone who’s researching herbal medicines,” said Kara Dinda, ABC Education Director.  “We want to provide a general introduction to herbal medicine.  ABC offers information on common herbs and terminology so people will understand what they read here and elsewhere.”    Karen Robin