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Though the summertime is typically a slow news period, many important herbal developments have taken place in recent months. As discussed in an article in this issue of HerbalEGram, a Chinese medicine manufacturer, whose andrographis product is being studied in clinical trials, was selected by the Wall Street Journal as a finalist for the paper's Asian Innovation Awards. Another article reports on the recent European E. coli outbreak and its impact on the fenugreek industry.

Ayurvastra Dyeing

Workers at India's Handloom Weavers Development
Society dyeing fabric with
 a preparation of medicinal
Ayurvedic plants. ©2011 Vastra

Additional articles in this issue profile 2 interesting herbal projects: the dyeing of fabric with medicinal ayurvedic plants—a process referred to as ayurvastra—and the Sacred Seeds garden network, which will soon include a garden at ABC's headquarters in Austin, Texas.



The American Botanical Council


HerbalGram 90 features an overview of pu-erh tea and its ancient journey along HG 90 coverthe Southwest Silk Road to Tibet, accompanied by gorgeous, full-color photographs. The issue also includes a review of adaptogenic herbs, from early research conducted in the former USSR to contemporary studies on these “stress vaccines.” In addition, this issue features an update on standard reference materials for the analysis of dietary supplements, as well as HerbalGram’s annual Herb Market Report.

Featured Book

 September’s featured book excerpt comes from Psychedelic Healing: The Promise of Entheogens for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Development, written by Neal M. Goldsmith, PhD. Published by Healing Arts Press earlier this year, this book boldly explores the use of psychedelics as a potential clinical tool for psychotherapists and psychiatrists. Dr. Goldsmith also discusses the supposed personal and spiritual benefits of these stigmatized drugs. The excerpt selected for readers of HerbalEGram includes the book’s title page, table of contents, and Chapter 4, “The Ten Lessons of Psychedelic Therapy, Rediscovered.”

©2011 Healing Arts Press

Media Watch

We have tested the links of the following articles prior to publication; however, some news organizations remove stories and disable links at various times.

Valerian May Aid Menopausal Sleep Problems. Reuters. 8-30-11. A recent study in Iran found that women taking a valerian supplement experienced a higher rate of increased sleep quality than those who took the placebo.

Natural Remedies for "Political Malaise Syndrome." Fox News. 8-30-11. Columnist Chris Kilham suggests several herbal products to help Americans survive the upcoming election season.

Chinese Doctors Call for "Cruel" Bear Farms to be Closed. The Telegraph. 8-28-11. TCM experts in China are criticizing the country's bear farms and promoting the usage of botanical alternatives to bear bile.

Doctor Gives South Koreans Taste of North Korea's "Royal Court Medicine." Yonhap News Agency. 8-22-11. An herbal practitioner describes his work at the North Korean medicine institute that aims to maintain the health of the country's president.

Chinese Herbs Equal to Tamiflu in Reducing H1N1 Fever. US News & World Report. 8-15-11. The recent conclusion of a study in China shows that a traditional Chinese product containing 12 herbs reduced fever as well as the conventional drug Tamiflu.

Professor to Test Interaction of Herbal Supplements and Prescriptions. Missourian. 8-15-11. A biochemist at Missouri University is creating a test based on natural hormone levels in body fluid to determine if a supplement will interact with medications.

Study Indicates Soy Won't Fight Bone Loss After Menopause. Los Angeles Times. 8-8-11. Researchers in Florida found that 200 mg of soy isoflavones didn't increase women participants' bone density in the lower back, hips, and hip joints.

Digital Library to the Rescue of Traditional Patents. The Times of India. 8-8-11. India's Traditional Knowledge Digital Library, which documents many herbal medicinal usages, has successfully challenged several international patents and patent applications.


September 29-October 3: AIA International Aromatherapy Conference and Wellness Expo. Minnetonka, MN.

October 4-7: 9th Annual International Restorative Medicine Conference. Portland, OR.

October 19-22: CRN's Annual Conference and Workshop. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

More event listings are available here.

Recent News
andrographis Andrographis paniculata, or chuan xin lian.
©2011 Jasmine Oberste.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Manufacturer Selected as Finalist for Wall Street Journal Awards. The American news organization chose this Chinese company as a finalist in the annual Asian Innovation Awards due to its andrographis product that is currently being studied in clinical trials.

Fenugreek Products Pulled From German Shelves During European E. coli Outbreak. Germany's decision to remove all fenugreek medicinal herbal products from stores during the recent E. coli outbreak is being called an unnecessary reaction.

Ayurvastra: Dyeing Fabric with Medicinal Ayurvedic Plants
. An Indian handloom weavers organization recently joined with a US-based partner to promote their unique dyeing process that incorporates many medicinal plants.

Sacred Seeds Nonprofit Establishes Garden Network. As Sacred Seeds continues to create more preservation gardens in varied ecosystems around the world, the American Botanical Council begins to plan its own Sacred Seeds garden.