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ABC’s Blumenthal, NYBG’s Balick, and Traditional Medicinals are Featured on Discovery Health Channel Program

June 17-20: 12th World Congress on Clinical Nutrition. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This meeting will be organized under sponsorships of the International College of Nutrition and the University of Alberta. ABC’s Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal will present a lecture titled Potentials in Natural Health Products in Health and Disease. This year’s dynamic program areas will range from molecular and cellular biology of foods to its application in clinical nutrition. There will be simultaneous sessions in: Functional Foods and Nutrition, Natural Health Products, and Designer Foods. The 12th World Congress on Clinical Nutrition will bring together some of the foremost experts in these fields, and promises to enrich the attendees’ knowledge on the role of these substances in clinical nutrition. Web site:

June 24-30: Ethnobotany: Wild Plants as Medicines, Teas, and Foods. Steuban, ME. This seminar will provide a broad overview and introduction to the field of ethnobotany from a North American perspective, though species will also be considered in a worldwide context. Practical uses of medicinal plants will be the main focus, but edible plants, plants used as teas, and poisonous plants will be covered as well. The seminar will review the wealth of literature and databases that are available on ethnobotany that are of use to people who would like to pursue personal interests in this intriguing field. The seminar will cover worldwide trends and advances in man's pursuit of rare and unusual plant extracts. Home-based preparations of teas, tinctures, and salves will be discussed.

Dr. James A. Duke is a former Botanist with the US Department of Agriculture. He is the author of the Handbook of Northeastern Indian Medicinal Plants and co-author of the Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants, the Amazonian Ethnobotanical Dictionary, as well as numerous other books, including The Green Pharmacy. He has traveled extensively as a scientist and lecturer in the Americas and Asia.

Please visit the Humbolt Field Research Institute’s web site for more information: Phone: 207-546-2821.

July 14-18: The 48th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Pharmacognosy. Portland, ME. Scientific Topics: Current/important aspects of commercial herbal products, Marine toxins & marine ecology, Medicinal chemistry of natural products, Emerging technological developments related to natural products. For more information visit Web site:

July 18-20: The NBJ Newport Summit. Laguna Niguel, CA. The Premier Event for Leaders in the Health and Nutrition Industry. Join the most innovative thinkers and business trendsetters at the 10th Annual NBJ/Newport Summit. Senior executives from progressive natural, organic, health and nutrition companies will discuss issues impacting their business. Develop high level relationships with other thought leaders at this invitation only event. For more information visit Web site:

ABC is excited to announce the launching of a new version of its Web site at This new site became live on Monday, May 21, 2007. In an effort to provide ABC members and visitors to the site with a better online experience, ABC has contracted with Convio, a firm that specializes in hosting and enhancing nonprofit Web sites. The new site features more security for financial transactions, easier navigation, and a fresh new design. With Convio’s software, e-mails sent from the new site to ABC members will be able to avoid spam filters to improve delivery. The new site will also automate many financial transactions and membership renewals, enabling ABC staff to devote more time to creating and delivering the quality educational material ABC members have come to expect.

We appreciate your support, and look forward to providing you with improved benefits through the new website.

The FDA is reportedly preparing to issue its long-awaited good manufacturing practices (GMPs) for dietary supplements, just as the agency is undergoing some new changes in response to concerns about food safety in the wake of the recent pet food recall and adulteration problems with ingredients from China. There have also been several new clinical trials with new information concerning hawthorn extract and a proprietary formulation called Citrofen™. You’ll find this news and more in this month’s HerbalEGram.

The Staff of the American Botanical Council


HG74 coverHerbalGram 74 mailed on April 27. Featured articles include:

Herbal Medicine in Iran
by Hamid-Reza Adhami; Hassan Farsam; Bita Mesgarpour

Illegal Stripping and Conservation of Slippery Elm Trees
by Courtney Cavaliere

Additional articles from previous issues are available at HerbalGram Issue List.


Doctor Devotes Life to Saving the Poor — Viet Nam News
Though he has retired from his career as a traditional medical doctor, herbalist Pham Nhat Dinh continues to treat people in his community for free.
Hoang, Lam. Doctor Devotes Life to Saving the Poor. Viet Nam News. April 8, 2007.

Zimbabwe: Traditional Medicine Holds Promise  The Herald
Zimbabwean and Chinese alternative medicine practitioners hope that their collaboration across borders will yield advances in research for both countries.
Tsiko, Sifelani. Zimbabwe: Traditional Medicine Holds Promise. The Herald. April 9, 2007.

Herbalists Scour Siquijor’s Forest to Cure the Incurable — The Manila Times
Filipinos look for herbalists on the island of Siquijor to cure them of common ailments and curses.
Wilson, Karl. Herbalists Scour Siquijor’s Forest to Cure the Incurable. The Manila Times. April 9, 2007.

Herbal Supplement Might Flush Out Bacteria from Urinary Tract: Study
A study conducted by Duke University Medical Center finds that forskolin removes bacteria in the bladder and, thus, may prevent future infections.
Jones, Ryan. Herbal Supplement Might Flush Out Bacteria from Urinary Tract: Study. April 9, 2007.

Research explores herbal treatment for recurring urinary tract infections — EurekaAlert
Researchers at Duke University have found that forskolin forces hidden bacteria out of the bladder and reduces the need for repeated use of antibiotics in mice with urinary tract infections.
Research explores herbal treatment for recurring urinary tract infections. EurekaAlert. April 8, 2007.

Herbal Help for Urinary Tract Trouble —
More coverage on forskolin.
Herbal Help for Urinary Tract Trouble. April 12, 2007.

Exploring Trends, Demographics, Safety Issues with Herbs — The Daily News Journal
A study of older adults finds that there is a specific correlation between age, gender, and type of herb used.
Payne, Gloria. Exploring Trends, Demographics, Safety Issues with Herbs. The Daily News Journal. April 14, 2007.

With funky bags, and many choices, tea is big business — Missoulian
Tea is becoming as popular and as diverse as coffee with a few differences.
Hirsch, J.M. With funky bags, and many choices, tea is big business.  Missoulian. April 25, 2007.

Herbal remedy for 9/11 illness draws unusual funding request — Staten Island Advance
Serving Those Who Serve hopes to bring Ayurvedic remedies to those affected by the debris in the aftermath of 9/11 for free.
Schneider, Lisa. Herbal remedy for 9/11 illness draws unusual funding request. Staten Island Advance. April 23, 2007.

Traditional Indian herbal mix triphala new hope against pancreatic cancer — The Indian Express
Triphala has been shown to have “strong anti-cancer properties” and to reduce pancreatic tumors in lab mice.
Sinha, Amitabh. Traditional Indian herbal mix triphala new hope against pancreatic cancer. The Indian Express. April 19, 2007.