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ABC would like to welcome our two new Advisory Board Members, our good friends John Beutler and John Cardellina. They both have been long-time friends of ABC and we know that they will provide vital support to our team and our non profit educational mission. We all look forward to working with them.

There have been several proposed changes in the news that may affect the herbal community with regards to regulation (Senate AER Bill, European Legislation). This includes a reversal of a recent U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ruling for Wild American Ginseng. A new resource that may help regulators, educators and many others is the recently published The Biodiversity Conservation Handbook.

Thank you for reading and for your continued support.

The Staff of the American Botanical Council


HerbalGram #71 will be distributed on August 1 and will feature “Tibetan Herbal Medicine: Classification and Utilization of Natural Products Used as Materia Medica in Tibetan Traditional Medicine” by Alessandro Boesi, PhD, and Francesca Cardi, PhD.

Additional articles from the previous issue are available at


Hey, those are our ancient remedies! – NPR Marketplace
This article details the importance of the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library to India. Hey, those are our ancient remedies! NPR Marketplace. June 7, 2006.

Summer grass-winter worm – Kuensel online
As the popularity of Yartsa Goenbub (Cordyceps sinensis) fungus increases, its numbers in Tibet and Bhutan dwindle. Hywel-Jones, Nigel. Summer grass-winter worm. Kuensel online. June 14, 2006.

Planting the Seed of a New Master Plan – Austin American-Statesman
The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is working to revamp its image from a tourist attraction to an environmental outreach and research center. Bonnin, Julie. Planting the Seed of a New Master Plan. Austin American-Statesman. April 30, 2006.

Herbal Centre Where Monks Promote African Medicine –
The new Pax Herbal center is on a mission to promote herbal medicine with the help of monks at St. Benedictine Monastery in Lagos, Nigeria. Obi, Chukwudi. Herbal Centre Where Monkes Promote African Medicine. June 12, 2006.

Sugar Cane Extract Same as Placebo: study – Reuters
A recent study on the diet supplement policosanol has found that it has no significant effects on cholesterol despite previous studies to the contrary. Sugar Cane Extract Same as Placebo: study. Reuters. May 16, 2006.

Nicole Richie’s Diet Pill Addiction – Life Style Extra
Celebrity Nicole Richie was reportedly addicted to a hoodia-based diet pill. Nicole Richie’s Diet Pill Addiction. Life Style Extra. May 26, 2006.

CM: Herbs sector can be next major earner – Daily Express
The rich bio-diversity in Sabah, Mayalsia makes the country an unexplored area with the potential to provide many herbal products. Kinabalu, Kota. CM: Herbs sector can be next major earner. Daily Express. May 24, 2006.

Herbs, As Nature Made Them – Washington Post
With many people using herbs these days, many prefer to use whole, fresh plants. Edwards, Audrey. Herbs, As Nature Made Them: Some Users of Herbal Medicine Go Straight to Plants. Washington Post. June 20, 2006.