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December 11: Mark Blumenthal will be presenting Herbs and Cancer Treatment and Herbal Support for Staying Cancer Free at the MD Anderson Network/Austin Riverbend Cancer Support Group in Austin, TX

Thanks to the work of members of the ABC family and beyond, HerbDay was a big success. Nonprofit 0rganizations and herb retailers nationwide participated in their own way to bring information and unity to their communities. We are eagerly planning events for next years celebration.

Also, HerbClip reached a major milestone: over 3000 HerbClip summaries and critical reviews have been published since we started HerbClip in 1993. Most of these HerbClips are available online in the HerbClip database, including the FasTraks that appear on our homepage. Along with HerbalGram, these summaries and reviews provide a uniquely valuable resource and are a major timesaver for anyone conducting herbal research.

We hope that we continue to grow and provide you with the most current information in the herbal community. As always, we thank you for your continued support

The Staff of the American Botanical Council


HerbalGram 72 was mailed on October 25, 2006. Featured articles include:

Integrating Recent Knowledge about the Genus Echinacea: Morphology, Molecular Systematics, Phytochemistry
by Bernard R. Baum, PhD; Shannon E. Binns, PhD; and John T. Arnason, PhD
The authors of this article propose a new taxonomic scheme for the medicinal plant Echinacea, revising the currently accepted taxonomy. Based on field investigations, DNA, phytochemistry, and statistical analyses, they have condensed R.L. McGregors classification of 9 species in the genus Echinacea into 4 different species.

Medicinal Plants of Montenegro
by Steven Foster
The small Adriatic coastal country Montenegro boasts hundreds of different native medicinal plants and has a rich history of herbal traditions. Author and photographer Steven Foster describes the beauty, medicinal uses, economic value, and cultural significance of Montenegros medicinal flora in this pictorial essay.

Additional articles from previous issues are available at


Medical misconceptions - IndUS Business Journal Online
One professor strives to make Ayurvedic medicine acceptable to mainstream medicine through research. Desmarais, Martin. Medical Misconceptions. IndUs Business Journal online. October 1, 2006.

Curry may keep elderly minds sharp - American Journal of Epidemiology
Curry consumption may reduce cognitive decline and risk of Alzheimers disease. American Journal of Epidemiology. November 1, 2006.

Healthier respect for herbs - LA Times
Treatments that were once regarded as old wives tales are now being taken more seriously by the Columbian government. Kraul, Chris. Healthier respect for herbs. LA Times. October 30, 2006.

Back to the Herbal Roots - Times India
Lucknowites have rediscovered the many benefits of herb gardens. Sharma, Anisha. Back to Herbal Roots. Times India. October 27, 2006.

Some Evidence Shows Chinese Herbal Medicine Helps Angina Patients - Health Behavior News Service
According to a new review, a Chinese cardiac treatment may help angina patients when coupled with traditional medicine. Sutton, Amy. Some Evidence Shows Chinese Herbal Medicine Helps Angina Patients. Health Behavior News Service. October 26, 2006.

Eco-Conscious Travel: How to Keep Flying and Stay Green - New York Times
Frequent flyers who worry about the impact of their trips can rest easy with new programs put in place to plant trees to reduce greenhouse gases made by travel. Higgins, Michelle. Eco-Conscious Travel: How to Keep Flying and Stay Green. New York Times. October 15, 2006. Promotes Safe and Responsible Herb Supplement Selection and Use - Business Wire
Natures Resource launches a new website and labeling program to provide consumers with more information about herbal products and supplements. Promotes Safe and Responsible Herb Supplement Selection and Use. Business Wire. October 13, 2006.

Herbs Get Their Special Day - Chronicle Newspapers
A description of common herbs and their uses as well as information about Herb Day is described in this brief article. Jewell, Susan. Herbs Get Their Special Day. Chronicle Newspapers. October 10, 2006.

Herb Detective - Tuscaloosa News
Libby FitzGerald, a chemist, works to push supplements to the forefront while alerting consumers to quality concerns. Benfell, Carol. Herb Detective. Tuscaloosa News. October 12, 2006.

Ancient Cure, Modern Lucre - The Financial Express
Various Indian entities are working to promote and correct misunderstandings about Aryuvedic medicine worldwide. Tarafdar, Suman. Ancient Cure, Modern Lucre. The Financial Express. September 10, 2006.