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Research Review: Implications of Climate Change for Medicinal Plant Distribution and Composition

By Mariann Garner-Wizard
The Alliance of World Scientists released a “Warning to Humanity” in 2017 regarding the danger to Earth and its resources due to human damage. A new “Scientists’ Warning,” published in January 2020 in Planta Medica, focused on the effects of climate change, habitat loss, and overharvesting on medicinal plants in particular. In addition to competition for resources like land and water, medicinal plants are also impacted on a microscopic level: phenological changes, including differing levels of potent bioactive compounds, have been recorded. Read more >>




Salvia hispanica
©2020 Steven Foster


Food as Medicine Update: Chia (Salvia hispanica, Lamiaceae)

By Jenny Perez, Juliette Coronado, and Hannah Bauman
Many in the United States likely associate chia with terra cotta figurines and a catchy jingle. In its native Mexico and Guatemala, however, the chia seed has served as a remedy for fatigue, infections, and skin conditions for millennia. The tiny seeds pack an oversized punch in the nutrition department as well, providing greater and more complete amounts of essential nutrients including protein, fatty acids, and more. Read more >>





ABC Launches Expansion Plan with Purchase of Neighboring Property

By Hannah Bauman
In February 2020, the American Botanical Council (ABC) closed on the purchase of a residential property that abuts its property line. This investment will usher in an exciting expansion phase for the organization and its nonprofit research and educational mission. Plans for the future growth of ABC include many possibilities, including an expanded herbal library and classrooms for staff and local educators. Read more >>





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Plants Go to War

In Memoriam:

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Featured Book


Adaptogens cover  
Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief was written by David Winston, RH (AHG), with Steven Maimes and published in 2019 by Healing Arts Press. The excerpt includes the title page, table of contents, and Chapter 5: “Adaptogens and the Stress Response.”
This updated and expanded edition of the definitive guide to adaptogenic herbs includes a materia medica with monographs covering 25 adaptogens as well as complementary nervines, restorative tonics, and nootropics. Clinical herbalist David Winston explains how adaptogens increase the body’s resistance to adverse influences, increase energy and stamina, and counter the effects of age and stress on the body. Beginning with a history of the use of adaptogens, including in Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and Russian medicine, the book examines how these herbal remedies work and their effectiveness at combating stress-induced illness and ailments.
Adaptogens can be purchased from the publisher. ©2020 Inner Traditions. This material is reprinted with permission from the publisher and may not be used for any other purpose.



Media Watch
Saffron Extract Could Improve Sleep: Study. NutraIngredients-USA. March 3, 2020. New research suggests a standardized saffron extract outperforms placebo for insomnia.

Indigenous-led Health Care Partnerships in Canada. Canadian Medical Association Journal. March 2, 2020. Indigenous-led health care partnerships provide innovative models of collaboration in community-based healing lodges, remote clinics, and urban hospitals, strengthening cultural practices and improving holistic outcomes.

Southwest China Province to Increase Planting of Medicinal Herbs. Xinhua. March 2, 2020. Guizhou Province will add more than 36,000 hectares of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs to boost its profitable TCM industry.

Franken-Cannabinoids: Yeast-Derived CBD & GMOs. Project CBD. February 28, 2020. A Montreal-based start-up is gambling on engineered cannabinoids as the future of the market, but some in the cannabis industry dispute their effectiveness versus full-spectrum plant extracts.

USDA Unveils New Federal Hemp Production Rules Amid Concerns from the Industry. Nutrition Industry Executive. February 28, 2020. At the end of 2019, federal rules were announced governing US hemp production, but the difficulties in growing, processing, and marketing hemp continue to frustrate the industry.

2020 Dietary Supplement Trends, According to Contract Manufacturers. Nutritional Outlook. February 20, 2020. Novel delivery systems, beauty-from-within, sports performance, and more — contract manufacturers from around the United States report what they see as the big-ticket trends in 2020.

An Apple a Day Might Help Keep Bothersome Menopause Symptoms Away. ScienceDaily. February 19, 2020. A new study found that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, particularly those in the popular Mediterranean-style diet, was linked to fewer menopause symptoms and complaints.

Impact of Coronavirus on Supplement Industry ‘Very, Very Serious’. WholeFoods Magazine. February 11, 2020. With many natural products imported from China and operations around the globe being suspended for fear of infection, multiple vectors in the supplement industry are predicted to take a hit from COVID-19.

HerbalMediaWatch-Small.jpg Read more Herbal MediaWatch headlines here.



Community And Industry Releases
Coronavirus Update: FDA and FTC Warn Seven Companies Selling Fraudulent Products that Claim to Treat or Prevent COVID-19. US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). March 9, 2020.

CRN Calls on Congress to Declare CBD a Lawful Dietary Ingredient — FDA Continues Inaction on Regulating CBD as a Dietary Supplement. Council for Responsible Nutrition. March 5, 2020.

New Report Offers Few Details on How FDA Will Regulate CBD. Natural Products Association. March 5, 2020.

Study: Cannabis Administration Associated with Opioid-Sparing Effects in Cancer Pain Patients. NORML. March 5, 2020.

FDA Advances Work Related to Cannabidiol Products with Focus on Protecting Public Health, Providing Market Clarity. FDA. March 5, 2020.

Adverse Event Reporting Tells the Story of Dietary Supplement Safety. American Herbal Products Association. March 3, 2020.

Seniors More Frequently Turning to Cannabis. NORML. February 27, 2020.

Report: Legal Marijuana Industry Employs Over 240,000 Full-Time Workers. NORML. February 20, 2020.

Survey: Medical Students Seldom Receive Training About Cannabis. NORML. February 20, 2020.

Joe Pizzorno Joins INM board. Institute for Natural Medicine. February 14, 2020.
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Health Practitioner Marketing ForumThe Practitioner Channel Forum. April 23-24, 2020. New York, New York. The Practitioner Channel Forum is an annual executive gathering focused on strategies to capitalize on the rapidly expanding health care practitioner market for dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, medical foods, and natural products. More information.

Psychedelic Liberty Summit. April 25-26, 2020. San Francisco, California.

Building Immunity and Promoting Detoxification with Rosalee de la Forêt. May 3, 2020. Austin, Texas. Early Bird Pricing through April 15.

12th International Symposium on Chromatography of Natural Products. May 26-29, 2020. Lublin, Poland.

World Tea Expo. June 8-11, 2020. Denver, Colorado.

More event listings can be found on ABC's website.

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