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Land preparation
©2018 Sami-Sabinsa


Indian Kino Tree Reforestation: Sami-Sabinsa Group Funds Major Project in India

By Connor Yearsley
The Sami-Sabinsa Group has committed to fund a decade-long reforestation project for the Indian kino tree, a high-value, threatened species with demonstrated antidiabetic properties. The project will ensure the planting of more than 166,600 trees on 250 acres of land in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The group claims that this is the first initiative to conserve the Indian kino tree, which has been used traditionally for a variety of conditions in Ayurvedic medicine. Read more >>



Sour cherry fruit
©2018 Steven Foster


Food as Medicine: Cherry (Prunus avium and P. cerasus, Rosaceae)

By Hannah Bauman and Jenny Perez
Take advantage of the fleeting cherry season to explore the fruit’s sweet side, sour side, and beneficial side. Due to their anti-inflammatory properties, cherry fruit and cherry bark have been used to treat and support a wide variety of chronic inflammatory conditions. In addition, the fruit’s rich phenolic compound content has been studied for their potential benefits for sleep disorders, exercise recovery, and cognitive function. Read more >>




HerbalGram Celebrates 35 Years of Publication

By ABC Staff
August 2018 marks the 35th anniversary of HerbalGram, the quarterly journal of the American Botanical Council. Since its first issue in 1983, HerbalGram has transformed from a black-and-white newsletter to a full-color, 82-page journal with the visual appeal of beautiful botanical photography and intellectual draw of peer-reviewed articles. Though HerbalGram has evolved significantly, its editorial mission to serve as a reliable herbal education resource has remained the same. Read more >>


A new issue of the Botanical Adulterants Monitor has arrived! Read about new updates for commercial ginkgo, saw palmetto, and cranberry extracts and more in issue #14.

Research Reviews:

Spearmint and Memory

Legal and Regulatory:

Did you know? HerbalGram is available in three digital formats: PDF, page-flip, and HTML. Check them out!

Featured Book
Homemade Perfume cover  
Homemade Perfume: Create Exquisite, Naturally Scented Products to Fill Your Life with Botanical Aromas was written by Anya McCoy and published in 2018 by Page Street Publishing Co. The excerpt includes the title page, table of contents, introduction, and chapter 3, “Distillation.”

Homemade Perfume is a comprehensive resource for the creation of artisanal fragrances. The text includes step-by-step methods for a variety of techniques for making body sprays, body butters, massage oils, and more using local plants and simple ingredients. McCoy also explores the nuances of scent blending to create unique, delightful fragrances. Chapters include a glossary of fragrance terminology, instructions on how to home-distill essential oils and hydrosols, and recipes for numerous scented products that can be made with common household tools and ingredients.

Homemade Perfume can be purchased from many major retailers. For more of Anya McCoy’s work, visit Anya’s Garden. ©2018, Page Street Publishing Co. This work has been reprinted with permission and may not be used for any other purpose.
Media Watch

Rhododendron? Hydrangea? America Doesn’t Know AnymoreWall Street Journal. August 14, 2018. Increasingly, US citizens are unable to identify basic plants, and organizations such as the National Park Service are running short on scientists to address invasive plants, wildfire reforestation, and basic land management.

Pycnogenol Supplementation May Improve Mild Cognitive Impairment in Older Men. NutraIngredients-USA. August 9, 2018. Supplementation with the antioxidant-rich extract of French maritime pine was linked to an improvement of mild cognitive impairment, a new study suggests.

Pot for Pets: US Federal Law Puts Vets into a Quandary. Reuters. August 8, 2018. Though evidence suggests that medicinal cannabis may help dogs and cats with arthritis, seizures, and anxiety, many veterinarians fear violating federal law by prescribing it.

Polyphenols Tied to Lower Risk of Cognitive Decline in New StudiesNutritional Outlook. August 8, 2018. A long-term observational study on serious diseases in the elderly concludes that a diet rich in polyphenols, such as those in nuts, citrus, berries, olive oil, and other foods, may lower risk of dementia later in life.

‘Superfood’ Craze Makes Big Business of Africa’s Baobab. Reuters. August 1, 2018. As demand from major companies like Coca-Cola and Costco grows, the transforming market brings much-needed revenue to African baobab farmers.

Chinese Medicinal Plant Tricks Predatory Wasps Into Dispersing Its Seeds By Smelling Like PreyDiscover Magazine. July 31, 2018. Chinese scientists have confirmed that Stemona tuberosa, a well-known plant in traditional Chinese medicine, induces predatory wasps to “attack” its seeds by mimicking the appearance and smell of the insect’s prey.

Researchers Explore Popular Food Trends in Nutritional Review. Science Daily. July 23, 2018. Researchers examine the science behind the hype of trendy foods and supplements including mushrooms, fermented foods, energy drinks, and vitamin B12.

From Foragers to Forest Farmers: Sustainable Plant Medicine in Northern Vietnam. The Ecologist. July 19, 2018. Commercialization of herbal remedies and increased tourism in a Vietnamese village has prompted villagers, with aid from the government, to establish cultivation practices for their ingredients instead of relying on unsustainable wild-gathering.

Community And Industry Releases

Congratulations to Our Award Winners! American Herbalists Guild. August 13, 2018.

Study: Use of CBD Products for Health Becoming Widespread. NORML. August 9, 2018.

AHPA Advocates for Inclusion of the Hemp Production Amendment in the 2018 Farm Bill. American Herbal Products Association (AHPA). August 7, 2018.

The Cleveland Clinic’s Galina Roofener to Keynote 7th Annual AHPA Botanical Congress. AHPA. August 1, 2018.

CRN Executives Elected to Leadership Positions at Prominent Industry Organizations. Council for Responsible Nutrition. July 30, 2018.

Safety of Unadulterated Kratom Affirmed by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA). American Kratom Association. July 29, 2018.

Dr. Sylvia Earle to Receive BRIT’s 2018 International Award of Excellence in Conservation. Botanical Research Institute of Texas. July 23, 2018.

Statement from FDA Warning about Significant Health Risks of Contaminated Illegal Synthetic Cannabinoid Products That Are Being Encountered by FDA. US Food and Drug Administration. July 19, 2018.

NBJ Data Shows Strong Growth in 2017 Herbal Supplement Sales. AHPA. July 18, 2018.

Petitioning the Agency with Skip Lot Testing for Nutritional Supplements Requires 200 Hours to Complete, Not 8 as Claimed by FDA. NPA. July 17, 2018.

Valensa International Applauds the State of Florida’s New Requirements for Harvesting Saw Palmetto Berries. Valensa International. July 16, 2018.

New US Tariffs Proposed on Chinese Imports of Many Herb and Supplement Ingredients. AHPA. July 13, 2018.

Call for Articles: 2019 Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation. United Plant Savers. July 11, 2018.

Wild at Home: Exploring the Global Harvest, Trade and Use of Wild Plant Ingredients. TRAFFIC. June 2018.

Natural Products Expo East. September 12-15, 2018. Baltimore, Maryland.

AHPA-ABC-AHP HerbWalk at Expo East. September 12, 2018. Fulton, Maryland.

Esca Bona. October 22-23, 2018. Austin, Texas.

29th Annual American Herbalists Guild Symposium. October 25-29, 2018. Helen, Georgia.
Seventh Annual Botanical Conference. November 10, 2018. Las Vegas, Nevada.

SupplySide West. November 6-10, 2018. Las Vegas, Nevada.

More event listings can be found on ABC’s website.

Herbal IQ

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