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By Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter
Reporting from Rajasthan state in India, Chris Kilham observes the harvest of ashwagandha root. With millennia of use in Ayurveda, one of India’s oldest traditional medicine systems, ashwagandha root preparations have been studied for their potential to combat physical fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, osteoarthritis, and many other ailments. Read more >>

By Hannah Bauman and Juliette Coronado
Many in the United States likely associate chia with terra cotta figurines and a catchy jingle. In its native Mexico and Guatemala, however, the chia seed has served as a remedy for fatigue, infections, and skin conditions for millennia. The tiny seeds pack an oversized punch in the nutrition department as well, providing greater and more complete amounts of essential body building blocks including protein, fatty acids, and more. Read more >>

By Connor Yearsley
Although conventional antiseizure medications are available, many people with epilepsy continue to have uncontrolled seizures and suffer from serious side effects. Cannabis preparations, which may have been used to treat epilepsy dating back thousands of years, have provided substantial relief to some of these patients and have allowed some to wean off more dangerous medications. Despite cannabis’ Schedule I status and the continued controversy surrounding its use, recent clinical trials that investigated the effects of Epidiolex, a standardized cannabidiol (CBD) oral solution, may help convince some that cannabis-derived therapies deserve more consideration. Read more >>

Salvia hispanica


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Featured Book
PNW Med Plants Cover  
Pacific Northwest Medicinal Plants was written by Scott Kloos and published in 2017 by Timber Press. The excerpt includes the title page, table of contents, preface, and a selection of four herb profiles.

This text is an accessible, photo-rich introduction for readers who seek to learn about the identification and use of plants for personal well-being. The book contains 120 plant profiles, arranged alphabetically by common name, with color photographs for easy identification, step-by-step instruction for essential herbal remedies, and seasonal foraging tips to ensure sustainable and ethical harvesting. This indispensable guide to finding, harvesting, and using wild plants is for wildcrafters in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, northern California, and British Columbia.

Pacific Northwest Medicinal Plants can be purchased from the publisher’s website. Excerpt taken from Pacific Northwest Medicinal Plants. ©2017 Scott Kloos. Published by Timber Press, Portland, OR. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.
Media Watch

The Mystery of the Lost Roman Herb. BBC News. September 7, 2017. In ancient Rome, the herb “silphium” was a popular cure-all, but the actual identity of the herb, and whether it exists today, is still debated by scholars.

For Personalization Know-How, Seek Out a Practicing Herbalist. NutraIngredients-USA. September 7, 2017. Personalized medicine has become a trending topic in the health care field, but herbal practitioners have long incorporated such recommendations into their practices.

Pukka Tea Firm Vows to Stay Ethical as PG Tips Owner Takes It OverThe Guardian. September 7, 2017. Pukka was recently acquired by the Unilever Corporation, but the herbal tea company has assured its customers that the brand will remain committed to its values.

The Unlikely Medical History of Chocolate SyrupSmithsonian Magazine. September 6, 2017. Before it was known as a sweet treat, chocolate was used primarily for medicinal purposes, including the treatment of wasting disease and infant colic.

American Universities Offering Cannabis Classes This FallForbes. September 2, 2017. As cannabis continues to become a part of mainstream US culture, a number of universities have started to offer courses on the biology and legality of the herb.

For Navajos, Desert ‘Tea’ Fosters Kinship with Heritage And Nature. NPR. August 29, 2017. Navajos in Arizona consume a tisane made from greenthread, a term for various species in the genus Thelesperma, to bring about a sense of deep cultural connection.

Should Botanical Medicine be a Formal Veterinary Specialty? VIN News Service. August 25, 2017. A petition to recognize botanical medicine as an official veterinary specialty has been met with both praise and vehement disapproval.

Orrin Hatch Hails the Benefits of Medical MarijuanaHuffington Post. September 13, 2017. The senator from Utah made a strong case for more federal research into the benefits of medical marijuana in a recent speech.

Community And Industry Releases

SupplySide West.
September 25-29, 2017. Las Vegas, Nevada.

AHG 28th Annual Symposium.
October 5-9, 2017. Silverton, Oregon.

153rd Annual NIMH Conference.
October 13-14, 2017. Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom.

23rd International Conference on Herbal & Alternative Remedies for Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders.
November 2-4, 2017. Bangkok, Thailand.

Spirit Plant Medicine Conference.
November 4-5, 2017. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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