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Cymbopogon citratus

©2017 Steven Foster


New United Plant Savers Center Seeks to Conserve Medicinal Plants of Appalachia

By Connor Yearsley
United Plant Savers (UpS) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada. The organization’s forthcoming Center for Medicinal Plant Conservation will be open to the public and sit at the entrance of the UpS Sanctuary in Rutland, Ohio. UpS hopes the new center will attract more visitors to, and ensure the long-term preservation and financial sustainability of, the sanctuary, which is home to a wide variety of Appalachian medicinal plants. Read more >>



Cymbopogon citratus

©2017 Steven Foster


Food as Medicine: West Indian Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus, Poaceae)

By Hannah Bauman and Maegan Davis
West Indian lemongrass is an aromatic plant that is prized for food preparations, medicinal uses, and perfumery. The astringent and tonic properties of lemongrass essential oil have interested researchers, and modern studies have investigated its use as a food preservative, anxiolytic, and many more. Read more >>



Ginkgo biloba

©2017 Steven Foster


Ginkgo Extract for Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia: An Overview of Published Systematic Reviews

By Heather S. Oliff, PhD
Many clinical trials have been conducted regarding the safety and efficacy of ginkgo leaf extract on cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. In this review, researchers evaluated existing systematic reviews of ginkgo extract interventions to analyze the overall evidence of its effect on these cognitive disease states. Read more >>



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Featured Book
Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism cover  
Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism: Elite Herbs and Natural Compounds for Mastering Stress, Aging, and Chronic Disease was written by Donald R. Yance and published in 2013 by Healing Arts Press. The excerpt includes the title page, table of contents, introduction, and conclusion to Part 1: The Future of Medicine.

This comprehensive reference work combines scientific research and traditional herbal wisdom to show how adaptogens can be used to relieve stress, improve energy levels, and combat the effects of aging. Medical herbalist and clinical nutritionist Donald Yance, CN, MH, RH (AHG) explains how treatment begins at the cellular level with the mitochondria and provides 60 monographs on herbs and nutritional compounds based on more than 25 years of clinical practice.
Yance’s lifestyle program emphasizes herbal treatments, nutritional supplements, spirituality, exercise, and diet in order to enhance energy production and minimize the inflammatory states that weaken the immune system.

Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism can be purchased at the publisher’s website. ©2017, Healing Arts Press. Used with permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.
Media Watch

Coop Model Offers Path to Increasing Supply of High Quality US Grown Herbal Raw Material. NutraIngredients-USA. October 10, 2017. US buyers are increasingly turning to local, high-quality sources of raw herbal materials, despite their typically higher costs.

Marijuana Degree Combines Science and Business at Northern Michigan UniversityDetroit Free Press. October 9, 2017. A new four-year medicinal plant chemistry program will encompass a variety of academic fields, including botany, horticulture, marketing, and finance, among others.

Supplement Industry, Consumer Advocates Mull Daunting ODI List Facing FDANatural Products Insider. October 5, 2017. US Food and Drug Administration officials recently met with industry stakeholders to discuss the creation of a list of “old dietary ingredients” that were marketed prior to October 15, 1994.

The Latest on Sleep, Relaxation, and Mood Ingredients for Dietary SupplementsNutritional Outlook. October 2, 2017. Featuring herbal ingredients such as turmeric, valerian, and spearmint, dietary supplements marketed for sleep promotion grew 4.5% from 2015 to 2016.

Warning: Too Many Warning Signs Are Bad for Your HealthThe Los Angeles Times. September 30, 2017. In this editorial, The Los Angeles Times highlights the shortcomings of California’s Proposition 65, which was designed to alert consumers to potential exposure to “confirmed or suspected carcinogens.”

Not Just a Sweet Leaf: Stevia Extracts May Help Tackle Obesity. FoodNavigator. September 27, 2017. Scientists are exploring the therapeutic potential of stevia for a range of conditions, including obesity, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar.

Young Living Fined for Using Illegally Sourced Essential Oils, Highlighting Issue of Supply Chain Transparency. NutraIngredients-USA. September 20, 2017. A popular multilevel marketing company has been fined $760,000 by the US Department of Justice for importing illegally harvested botanical species for its essential oil products.

CU Boulder to Create Digital Archive of 1.7 Million Rocky Mountain Botanical Specimens. September 13, 2017. The University of Colorado at Boulder has been awarded a $2.9 million grant to create an open-access database of botanical species from the Rocky Mountain region.

153rd Annual NIMH Conference.
October 13-14, 2017. Stratford-upon-Avon, UK.

Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine Conference.
October 22-25, 2017. San Diego, California.

6th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmacology and Ethnopharmacology.
November 9-10, 2017. Vienna, Austria.

Herbal Medicine Student Training Clinic.
November 24-25, 2017. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Entheogenesis Australis 2017 Outdoor Psychedelic Symposium.
December 8-12, 2017. Melbourne, Australia.

2018 Integrative Healthcare Symposium.
February 22-24, 2018. New York, New York.

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