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The American Botanical Council announced the publication of its next article in a series on botanical adulteration as part of the ABC-AHP-NCNPR Botanical Adulterants Program. Read more>>

By Tyler Smith
A large population-based study found that tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers produced the largest benefit for Parkinson's disease risk reduction. Read more>>

By Lindsay Stafford Mader
Recent research on whole-plant sweet wormwood and the development of synthetic artemisinin provide potential options for addressing concerns with current artemisinin combination therapies. Read more>> 

By Freddie Ann Hoffman and Steven Kishter
Of the hundreds of botanical drugs that have submitted Investigational New Drug applications to FDA, just two have submitted New Drug Applications, including the recently approved Fulyzaq. Read more>>

By Lindsay Stafford Mader
The current exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden showcases more than 500 medicinal species, a re-creation of the ancient University of Padua garden, an impressive collection of botanical manuscripts, and botanically inspired sculptures. Read more>>

Featured Book


The American Herbal Products Association's Botanical Safety Handbook, 2nd edition, edited by Zoe Gardner and Michael McGuffin and published in 2013 by CRC Press. The featured excerpt includes the book's table of contents, prefaces, introduction, and plant entries from genera beginning with the letter "A."

AHPA has updated its herbal safety guide with added references, clinical trial data, and information on pharmacokinetics, adverse effects, and more. 

Available for purchase from AHPA's website. AHPA members can get a $25 discount by using the code AHPAMEMBER.

Media Watch

Chaga: A Potent Immune Enhancing Fungus. Fox News. Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham discusses the immune-enhancing, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties of this fungus.

Is Theobromine Responsible for Cocoa's Cholesterol Benefits? NutraIngredients-USA. A recent clinical trial suggests that it may be theobromine that increases good cholesterol.

Sacred Seeds Program Expands into Europe. St. Louis Beacon. A partnership with the French L’Herboretum has allowed Sacred Seeds to expand into Europe.

Scientists Taking Chinese Medicine West. CNN. An andrographis extract has started Phase-III clinical trials, bringing the Chinese herb one step closer to the American market.

Connecticut State Senate Passes GMO Labeling Legislation. NutraIngredients-USA. This GMO-labeling bill now faces a tougher vote in the House.

Illinois Senate Approves Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana. Los Angeles Times. Illinois will soon become the 19th state to allow medicinal cannabis use.

Honeybush Tea Stops Fat Accumulation. Care2. Fermented and non-fermented honeybush tea has shown potential anti-obesity properties in animal and cell models.

Pycnogenol Decreases Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors. Natural Products INSIDER. The patented French maritime pine tree bark extract has shown promise in reducing risk factors for metabolic syndrome. 

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Where is the world's oldest botanical garden and what year was it created? Find the answer here!