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September 16, 2021

Science & Research
World-first research from the University of Queensland hopes to cure cancer, solve obesity using 'plant medicine.' Australian Broadcasting Corporation News. September 13, 2021.
Two new studies demonstrate men’s health benefits of Tongkat ali. Nutritional Outlook. September 8, 2021.
Diet may affect risk and severity of COVID-19. Science Daily. September 8, 2021.
Researchers identify the biosynthesis of carthamin, the historic red colorant in safflowers. Science Daily. September 3, 2021.
Curcumin as a stress and sleep management supplement. Nutritional Outlook. September 2, 2021.

Community & Industry
Finding Answers to Questions About Drug-Herb Interactions. NCCIH Research Blog. September 2, 2021.

Cannabis Update
Staying relevant: Can CBD sales remain buoyant post-pandemic? Nutritional Outlook. September 13, 2021.
California legalizes CBD, but it’s not all roses for hemp producers. Natural Products Insider. September 11, 2021.
The Endocannabinoid System and the Brain. Project CBD. September 8, 2021.
The Great Cannabis Efficacy Debate: How can we prove cannabis efficacy, and what’s impeding our progress? Nutritional Outlook. September 7, 2021.

Quality Control & Adulteration
Recent study highlights new analytical strategies for improving turmeric quality. Nutritional Outlook. September 13, 2021.
Now develops analytical method to test pesticide residue in challenging botanicals. Nutritional Outlook. September 2, 2021.

Consumer & Popular
Echinacea Isn’t Itself Anymore. The New York Times. August 25, 2021.

Environment & Conservation
Seeds of Conflict. Smithsonian Magazine. September 2021.
What is Wildcrafting? Bastyr’s Unique Outdoor Elective. Bastyr University News. September 3, 2021.
Bastyr University Launches Community Initiative. Bastyr University. September 3, 2021.
Climate change threatens to squeeze out Indonesia’s medicinal plants. MongaBay. August 18, 2021.

Traditional Medicine
This plant medicine teacher is reclaiming Anishinaabe names for species. Why that could be good for the planet. CBC News. September 12, 2021.
Decolonizing Alternative Medicine: The Herbalism and Ecology of the African Diaspora. Healthline. August 16, 2021.

Community & Industry Releases
AHPA submits comments to the “Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act” Discussion Draft. American Herbal Products Association. September 7, 2021.
Natural Products Insider provides forum for debate on mandatory supplement product listing. American Herbal Products Association. September 2, 2021.
NPA Partners with Virginia Based Information Technology Firm B&A to Deliver Lunch, Energy Drinks to Capitol Police. Natural Products Association. September 8, 2021.
FDA, FTC Warn 10 Companies Illegally Selling Dietary Supplements Claiming to Treat Diabetes. US Food & Drug Administration. September 9, 2021.
Study: No Rise in Youth Marijuana Use Following Legalization. NORML. September 9, 2021.
Analysis: Medical Cannabis Provides Benefits to Migraine Patients. NORML. September 9, 2021.
Americans for Safe Access and Cannakeys Partner Together to Bring Cannabis Research to Patients, Healthcare Professionals, and Policy Makers. Americans for Safe Access. September 1, 2021.
Recap of the 2021 AOAC Annual Meeting. AOAC International. September 9, 2021.
Support AOAC’s Newest Program: Analytical International Methods and Standards (AIMS). AOAC International. September 8, 2021.
Threats to crop wild relatives compromising food security and livelihoods. IUCN. September 7, 2021.
Scientists reveal huge new areas of threatened fog-generated ecosystems in Peru and Chile. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. September 7, 2021.
Indigenous Peoples launch self-determined agenda at IUCN World Conservation Congress. IUCN. September 3, 2021.
Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta awarded Kew International Medal for work to protect nature and stop biodiversity loss. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. September 2, 2021.
Endangered Plants and Women’s Health: Fertility Herbs At Risk. United Plant Savers. August 27, 2021.
Dr. J. Chris Pires to Serve as Dean of the International Plant Science Center and Chief Science Officer of The New York Botanical Garden. New York Botanical Garden. September 1, 2021.

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