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March 10, 2021

Science & Research
Five herbal medicines potent against tick-borne disease babesiosis in lab, says new study. EurekAlert! March 9, 2021.
New discovery explains antihypertensive properties of green and black tea. Science Daily. March 8, 2021.
Less inflammation with a traditional Tanzanian diet than with a Western diet. Science Daily. March 4, 2021.
Sesaminol: Parkinson's disease's surprise medicine. EurekAlert! March 3, 2021.
Green tea supplements modulate facial development of children with Down syndrome, study finds. Science Daily. March 3, 2021.
Bitter receptor involved in anti-inflammatory effect of resveratrol? EurekAlert! March 2, 2021.
Sage extract shown to support working memory in recent study. Nutritional Outlook. March 1, 2021.
Green tea compound aids p53, 'guardian of the genome' and tumor suppressor. Science Daily. February 12, 2021.
Use of goldenseal may compromise glucose control in diabetics on metformin. EurekAlert! February 8, 2021.
Grape consumption may protect against UV damage to skin. EurekAlert! February 5, 2021.
Scientists extract pigments from algae for food supplements. EurekAlert! February 4, 2021.

Legal & Regulatory
New bill in California would restrict the sale of weight management products. Nutritional Outlook. March 2, 2021.

Community & Industry
A Whole New World—Natural Products Update 2021. Nutrition Industry Executive. March 1, 2021.
Contract manufacturing outlook for dietary supplements in 2021. Nutritional Outlook. February 19, 2021.
Formulation challenges of appealing supplement delivery formats. Natural Products Insider. February 16, 2021.
2021 Dietary supplement and natural product industry outlook: Insights from Nutritional Outlook’s Editorial Advisory Board. Nutritional Outlook. February 4, 2021.

Cannabis Update
Innovation is key for hemp-derived CBD products. Natural Products Insider. March 10, 2021.
Hemp CBD oversupply has farmers questioning their 2021 strategy. Natural Products Insider. February 22, 2021.

Consumer & Popular
How Natural Ingredients Can Aid in Healthy Aging. Nutrition Industry Executive. March 1, 2021.
Consumers value dietary supplements during a pandemic. Nutritional Outlook. January 28, 2021.
Consumers highly conscious about digestive health. Natural Products Insider. February 8, 2021.

Trends & Technology
How COVID-19 shook the sports nutrition market. Is recovery in sight? Nutritional Outlook. March 10, 2021.
Botanical immune boosters with a side of zinc. Natural Products Insider. March 8, 2021.
Big gains for digestive supplements on Amazon in 2020. Natural Products Insider. February 25, 2021.
Has COVID-19 changed the immune-health product landscape forever? Nutritional Outlook. February 17, 2021.
Ashwagandha sales grew in 2020. Experts discuss how it will lead the mainstreaming of adaptogens in 2021. Nutritional Outlook. February 16, 2021.
Mushrooms sales growth in 2020 promises success this year. Nutritional Outlook. February 15, 2021.
How elderberry became an immune-health superstar last year. Nutritional Outlook. February 12, 2021.
COVID-19 plus legal uncertainty slowed CBD sales in 2020. Nutritional Outlook. February 11, 2021.

Environment & Conservation
Celebrating the contribution of sustainable trade in wild forest resources to economies, health and conservation. TRAFFIC. March 3, 2021.

Community & Industry Releases
NPA Asks Gov. Cuomo, New York Officials to Follow CDC Guidance and Prioritize Essential Dietary Supplement Workers for Vaccination. Natural Products Association. March 10, 2021.
Call for Methods: Mycotoxin Screening Technique in Cannabis Plant Materials and Cannabis Derivatives. AOAC International. March 8, 2021.
Honoring Diversity: National University of Health Sciences Creates New Naturopathic Medicine Scholarship. National University of Health Sciences. March 8, 2021.
CRN Launches New ‘Supplement OWL’ Website, Increasing Industry Transparency. Council for Responsible Nutrition. March 4, 2021.
Study: Cannabis Use Mitigates Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathy. NORML. March 4, 2021.
Announcing the Passing of Robert Broadwell, ND, OMD, LAc. American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. March 3, 2021.
Our manifesto for change 2021-2030. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. March 2, 2021.
Americans for Safe Access Launches 100 Days of Medical Cannabis Advocacy. Americans for Safe Access. March 2, 2021.
AHPA submits comments to FDA proposed rule on traceability for “certain foods”. American Herbal Products Association. March 1, 2021.
John Travis Named Technical Leader of NSF International’s Certified for Sport® Supplement Certification Program. NSF International. February 2021.
NPA Puts Biden Nominees on the Record. Natural Products Association. February 25, 2021.
New leadership at TRAFFIC. TRAFFIC. January 28, 2021.
With Spring Around the Corner, The New York Botanical Garden Offers a New Season of Leading Experts and Compelling Topics in Online Lectures. New York Botanical Garden. February 26, 2021.
Missouri Botanical Garden Announces First Diversity & Inclusion Director. Missouri Botanical Garden. February 11, 2021.

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