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Keeping you up-to-date on the latest news in herbal medicine. From ABC's appearances as a trusted source of information for the press to the speaking engagements of Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal, you'll find it all here and more.

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ABC News - Press Releases


American Botanical Council Presents Botanical Excellence Awards at 16th Annual Celebration Ceremony (05/26/2021)

American Botanical Council’s 16th Annual Celebration and Botanical Excellence Awards set for online livestream, May 25, 5pm EDT (5/19/2021)

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ABC In the Media

RCT Supports Black Seed Oil’s Blood Sugar Benefits
June 22, 2021 – NutraIngredients-USA

Prohibited, Unlisted, Even Dangerous Ingredients Turn up in Dietary Supplements
June 26, 2021 – The Washington Post

How COVID-19 Shaped Botanical Adulteration
June 28, 2021 – Nutritional Outlook

100 Years of Botanical Excellence: Indena’s Founding Values Leave Lasting Impressions
July 12, 2021 – Nutraceuticals World

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News Also of Interest


Through war, wildfire and pandemic, the world's seed vaults hold strong. Mongabay. December 8, 2021. 

NYBG-led scientists foresee a “profound impact” from the COVID-19 pandemic on research about relationships between local communities and their environment. New York Botanical Garden. June 22, 2020.

Plant life 'expanding over the Himalayas'
. BBC News. January 10, 2020. Researchers have found plant life in the Himalayas, including in the Everest region, where vegetation was not previously known to grow.

The Best Way to Save Nature? More Nature
. TIME. September 12, 2019. Wallasea is the largest restored coastal wetland in Europe, an exemplar of a growing movement to “rewild” land and return it to the way it was before humans began inhabiting it millennia ago.


ABC News - On the Air

ABC Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal travels the world speaking about relevant herbal topics. Check out video, podcasts and articles featuring Mark and other ABC employees:

In Crisis? Retain Them!
June 25, 2021. Discover why Mark Blumenthal (founder of ABC, board advisor, and serial entrepreneur) is hiring an executive director, and why he retained all his team members during the pandemic, in this episode of CEO Blindspots hosted by Birgit Kamps. Listen to the podcast episode here.

The ABCs of Herbal Medicines with Mark Blumenthal
August 24, 2020. ABC Founder & Executive Director Mark Blumenthal speaks with Dr. Cassandra Quave on topics of sustainability, problems with adulteration and safety of herbs, and how to learn more about the healing power of plants are all covered in this episode of the Foodie Pharmacology podcast. Listen to the podcast episode here.

Adulteration and Fraud of Botanical Materials in the Global Botanical Marketplace
November 9, 2020. In this lively session ABC Founder & Executive Director Mark Blumenthal, ABC Chief Science Officer Stefan Gafner, PhD, and Health Business Strategies Founder Michael Levin review the research and authoritative publications of the ABC-AHP-NCNPR Botanical Adulterants Prevention Program (BAPP) which is now starting its 10th year of service to the global botanical community. Watch the recording here.

How brands can prevent adulteration from poisoning profits
July 6, 2020. In this Natural Products INSIDER's podcast episode Senior Editor Todd Runestad and ABC Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal discuss how consumer brands can prevent adulteration and protect their brands. Listen to the episode here.

Supply Side West Overview 
October 29, 2019. Judy Brooks and Roy Walkenhorst of Healing Quest speak with ABC Founder Mark Blumenthal about Supply Side West ingredients trends in the dietary supplement world. Listen to the episode here.

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ABC News - On the Road

ABC's staff and board members speak at conferences, symposia, and workshops around the world. 

SupplySide WestOct. 26, 2021. Las Vegas, NV. Mark Blumenthal, ABC's founder and executive director, will give a lecture at this event title “How to ensure a quality supply chain retains its integrity through strains in the system.” 
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ABC Webinars

Free Webinars

The American Botanical Council and Sustainable Herbs Program are hosting a series of free webinars with leaders in the botanical community. Check this page regularly for updates.

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Botanical Excellence Awards

ABC’s Botanical Excellence Awards were founded in 2006. They are presented each year at the American Botanical Celebration, which takes place in conjunction with the Natural Products Expo West/Next Innovation Summit (formerly known as Nutracon). Recipients are chosen based on their contributions to the herbal and botanical community during the previous year.

2021 Award Recipients:

Norman R. Farnsworth Excellence in Botanical Research Award: Paula N. Brown, PhD

Varro E. Tyler Commercial Investment in Phytomedicinal Research Award: Swedish Herbal Institute (SHI) and Founder and Chairman Georg Wikman

ABC Champion Award: Jerry Cott, PhD

Fredi Kronenberg Excellence in Research and Education in Botanicals for Women’s Health Award: Tori Hudson, ND

James A. Duke Excellence in Botanical Literature Award: Christopher Hobbs's Medicinal Mushrooms: The Essential Guide: Boost Immunity, Improve Memory, Fight Cancer, Stop Infection, and Expand Your Consciousness

Mark Blumenthal Herbal Community Builder Award: Michael McGuffin

All recipients